Health and Safety Management

A truly effective health & safety management system establishes and maintains a culture of safety that permeates the entire organization. The attitude and behaviours of management and workers must exhibit a strong commitment to a safer work environment, or else the system will not produce the desired outcomes.

ourse Description: This course for candidate’s professional practice is typically spent implementing safety management systems, making worksite assessments to determine risks, assessing potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining and evaluating incident and loss records, and preparing emergency response plans, among other possible duties.

What you will learn: It covers safety responsibilities of this level are found in virtually every industry including petroleum exploration, production and refining, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and insurance.
Course Instructor: Professor Dr. Asif Salam
Program structure: 3 Months – 4 hours online class per week using zoom platform | Total Sessions 48
Course Fees: CAD$ 5000

Who will get benefits: The Safety Management Certificate is designed for safety and health professionals who want to learn fundamental concepts and processes for implementing recognized approaches to safety management. This program is ideal for professionals with fewer than three years of experience or seasoned professionals who have recently taken on more safety management responsibilities. Establish credibility as a leader and signify your commitment to the safety profession
Gain a competitive advantage and maximize your earning potential
Become an indispensable asset and valuable resource to your workers and organization
Grow your professional network by learning alongside other safety professionals
Understand and integrate best practices from leading organizations


Course outline:

  • Core concepts in anatomy, chemistry, physics and math
  • Research methodologies
  • Planning and strategic analysis in management
  • Safety professional management systems
  • Management theories and organizational leadership
  • Communication, motivation and discipline in the workplace
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Finance and budgeting for safety professionals
  • Risk management and safety management
  • Protective equipment and hazards in the workplace
  • Security and emergency preparedness
  • Ergonomics and occupational health
  • Environmental management systems
  • Workplace education and training
  • Safety professional laws and ethics
  • Safety, health and environmental legislation
  • Industrial hygiene and occupational health
  • Safety in chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Safety in construction industry

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Health and Safety Management Courses

ISCHSM 01 – Certified Health and Safety manager
ISCHSM 02 – Certified Health and Safety Analyst
ISCHSM 03 – Advance Certificate in Health and Safety
ISCHSM 04 – PGD in Health and Safety Management
ISCHSM 05 – Certified Professional Safety Manager
ISCHSM 06 – Certified Health and Safety Specialist
ISCHSM 07 – Chartered Health and Safety Professional

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