Computer and IT Management

Computer management is the process of managing, monitoring and optimizing a computer system for performance, availability, security and/or any base operational requirement. It is broad term that includes manual and automated administrative processes in the operations of a computer.Information management is the collection, storage, curation, dissemination, archiving and destruction of documents, images, graphics, web design and development and others sources of information.

Certified Computer and IT Manager

Course Description: If your goal is to build a strong career abroad, Computer and IT Analysis is one of the best choices to achieve this. Computer and IT Analysis is a high-demand job with high earning potential, which serves as a great foundation to facilitate your growth up the corporate ladder into management or business.

What you will learn: In recent times, the Cloud Computing industry has seen growth in leaps and bounds and has increasingly depended on IT System Analysis specialists to examine the effects of working in the cloud on their computer procedures and infrastructure.
The job of a System Analysis specialist is to examine current technology processes of a company and ensure the efficient running of an organisation and recommending updated or new technology systems as and when required.
System analysts often work in the computer or IT department of a company and periodically design information system solutions to help the company function more effectively.
Learn to perform day-to-day IT support tasks including computer assembly, wireless networking, installing programs, and customer service
Course Instructor: Professor Dr. Asif Salam
Program structure: 3 Months – 4 hours online class per week using zoom platform | Total Sessions 48
Course Fees: CAD$ 5000

Who will get benefits: Computer System and IT Analysis is an emerging career field abound with opportunities. While the job entails large responsibilities, the pay is equally good. Therefore, System Analysis is the ideal job for hardworking candidates with exemplary problem-solving skills, looking to increase their knowledge base and to shoulder the responsibility of a company’s success.


Course outline:

  • Problem Solving using Computers
  • Programming in Java
  • Database Management Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Computer Networks
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Mining
  • E-Commerce Technologies
  • Computer System Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Internet Technologies
  • PHP Programming
  • HTML Programming
  • Programming in Visual Basics
  • Android Programming
  • R Programming
  • Software Testing Concepts
  • Multimedia and Applications
  • System Administration and Maintenance
  • XML Programming
  • Office Automation Tools

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ISCCITM 01 – Certified Computer and IT manager
ISCCITM 02 – Certified Computer and IT Analyst
ISCCITM 03 – Advance Certificate in Computer and IT
ISCCITM 04 – PGD in Computer and IT
ISCCITM 05 – Certified Professional IT Manager
ISCCITM 06 – Certified Computer and IT Specialist
ISCCITM 07 – Chartered Computer and IT Professional
ISCCITM 08 – Professional Graphic Designer
ISCCITM 09 – Certified Web Developer
ISCCITM 10 – Certified Programmer
ISCCITM 11 – Certified Digital Marketing Professional

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