Mastery of science and technology in the field of agro-industry which includes industrial engineering and management, process technology and bioprocess (which leads to non-food), and engineering and management of the industrial environment.

Center of Excellence
The curriculum integrates engineering and industrial management with environmentally friendly process technology, commitment to improving the quality of education, for example by winning the Center Grant (1997-2000), QUE Project (2001-2004), Program B (2004-2006), PHKI (2007-). 2010), IMHERE (2010-2011). Agro-Industrial Technics undergraduate program obtained international accreditation from ETAC (Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission) ABET, the United States starting in October 2011. Agro-Industrial Technics has an A-rank accreditation for S1, S2 and S3 programs.

National and multinational industries, technopreneurs, research institutes and university development, banking and financial institutions, government institutions.

Tuition Fee